Big Band recording with Al Schmitt

Talking to Al Schmitt about the setup. Al has won 23 Grammy Awards for his work with Henry Mancini, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Toto, George Benson, Diana Krall, Ray Charles,...

Scars On Louise

"No way out" out now! Produced, mixed and mastered by: Dany Gallo / Studio W59D

Ladies' Fantasies Club

Jean-Yves Szmida (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass) and Joshua Cremer (drums). The track "Something's wrong" has been tracked, mixed and produced by Dany Gallo. Genre: Acoustic-Rock, Alternativ-Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Second single "Hats" - Tracking, producing and mixing @ Studio W59D


I don't consider myself to be the best... and I don't like compliments... they distract me. - Jimi Hendrix -

The ability to trust your instincts takes a long time to master.  - Bruce Swedien -

I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it. - Igor Stravinsky -

Your best mixes are going to come from the best productions, and the best productions from the best songs. - Mixerman -

The true artist knows he is unlike other people and, ultimately, must walk this road alone. - Michael Beinhorn - 

Creative things happen to creative people when they don't allow themselves to be paralyzed  either by overthinking or by laziness. - Questlove -

L'Arbre et la Fleur - Die Blume und der Baum

Poetic dance theatre for children 5 years and over.
Music by Viola Kramer and Dany Gallo. Mixed by Dany Gallo

Software Beta Testing for

In the past I've been a Beta tester for SSl, Sonarworks and FAC. Exciting!


DOSSEH - Promesses (ft. VR)

Music GRTZKY - Arrangements Redrumusic - De Paul Benyx Films
Mixed by Dany Gallo


Out of Control - First single and video. Mixed and produced @ Studio W59D

Second single and video
Tracked, mixed and produced by Dany Gallo

Tracking Moad @ Studio w59d


Papa t'es là. New Domguè track from Liège.


New track "Don't lie to me". Recorded and produced by Noisefloor and Dany Gallo.

Producing Noisefloor

Groove Metal - Alternative Metal - Hardcore - Nu Metal Band

Tonmeistertagung Cologne

Testing the new 12Ch tube mixer Krässemaschine @ Renaissance Studio with

Holger Classen #
André Maletz # Mixingambulance
Photos by Jan-Christoph Schultchen

A Corps et à Choeur

CD presentation in Recht.

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New single release from the Novotones. Mixed and produced @ Studio W59D


Mix with the Masters with Andrew Scheps (Adele, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Linkin Park,  Lana Del Rey, Black Sabbath,...)


Rosa - "Liège contre le racisme"
Written and Produced by Domguè/Shana Mpunga/Dany Gallo
Mixed by Dany Gallo

Puremix - Zelab Session 4

Congrats to Dany Gallo who won.

Fabulous Fab (Shakira, Jennifer Lopez), 

With Michael Brauer

I learned from the extraordinary Michael Brauer. (Coldplay, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Zucchero, Herbert Grönemeyer,...)

Mix with the Masters
Michael Brauer


DJ Kaikrizz

Play - featuring Devota. Kaikrizz has already performed on an international level alongside Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Bob Sinclar and Yves V.
Mixed and produced @ Studio W59D


Les amours de passage
© Mariam Camara, Bernard Cotroux, François Laurent, Iza Loris, Philippe Reul
Mixed by Dany Gallo

Magie Noire
Brussels based project. Tracked & Mixed @ Studio W59D

So you want to work with me?

Dear Visitor,

  • Take your ego off the table. I'm a team worker.
  • Making a record is not an accident.
  • If your skills are mediocre you will need an extraordinary amount of luck to be continually successful. No one has that much luck.
  • Discipline is the most important value to focus creative energy. 
  • A hit is not a hit because a few people believe in it but because many fans like it.
  • A good idea is about ten percent and the rest is hard work.
  • If you pretend you can do it, you can do it every day, any time.

Dear Artist,

  • Humans are always having ideas, it doesn't make you special. Real artists are able to capture them.
  • Your vision is based on your absolute and only interpretation. Be open to other peoples interpretations of it.
  • Being observed or critiqued will lead to a greater level of creative freedom and expression.

Dear Singer,

  • Sing every day.
  • Learn your lyrics don't read them. Don’t be a stranger to your own song.
  • Sing for the listeners and don’t loose them for a second.
  • Pay as much attention to the way you end words and lines as you do to how they start.
  • You are central to the success of the project. Ask most singers about their studio experience and they will tell you that their vocals were done in a rush, late at night. This is about as wrong as you can get.

Dear Musician,

  • Shut up if you can't improve the silence.
  • Groove is the air between the notes when you don't play.
  • Rehearse each day with a click. Maybe you will not need it in the studio then.
  • Come into the studio well rested, clear headed, and ready to work. Recording is a physically and mentally demanding process.
  • Don’t invite guests to your sessions. Stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Your favourite sound might not help the song. Trust the producer.

E-Werk Cologne

"Wise Guys" CD release.

Me, producer/engineer Uwe Baltrusch, Philippe Reul

Wise Guys Release 14.09.12_3.jpg

Modern World Studio UK

Me with producer/engineer Sean Genockey

Agora Theater

Die Geschichte vom Fuchs, der den Verstand verlor

Le roi sans royaume / Der König ohne Reich