I love to make records. I never wanted to do anything else.  For this purpose emotions evoked by any other source than music itself are useless. If you like teamwork to achieve greatness and perfection you’re welcome.

My credits range from songwriting and arranging to producing and mixing.

Collaborations & Projects

Ladies' Fantasies Club

Acoustic-Rock / Alternativ-Pop

LFC is acoustic rock from Belgium, with lyrics between romance and irony. Not only for ladies! Influenced by "The Strokes", "The Cure (acoustic)", "The Love Substitutes" and the former band "Pan!c TV"

WirtschaftWonder Orch.

Easy Listening

The WirtschaftsWonder Orchestra is an homage to the sound of the 60th merged with modern pop music and new compositions. Easygoing livestyle!


Creative Collective

Music culture from East Belgium. Association of musicians working on visual and acoustic concepts like "Splitch" and "The Other Side".


Wise Guys

Universal Music

Gold Record and Echo Winner
The band released an album in two parts entitled "Zwei Welten". It consisted of an acapella album and an instrumental album released in September 2012. "Zwei Welten" became their fifth Gold Record and the band got a German "Grammy" called "Echo" in the category "Best Crossover Album".

Aggro Hürth

Universal Music

Aggro Hürth is an acapella satire on the German record label "Aggro Berlin". After the tracks "Hamlet" and "Ich bin aus Hürth" they released the first Aggro Hürth mini-album "Mein Herz macht Bumm". Because of copyright issues with "Aggro Berlin" the album was published under the name "A. Hürth".


Indie - Electronic Rock

From synths to guitars, bass to keys and in between a few looping machines, controllers and microphones. Beats recorded, created and re-shaped, melodic vocals, driving guitar and bass lines. This is Moad.


Marie de Condé

French Pop

Marie is a singer, performer and story teller from Bruxelles with guinean roots. Her songs are a patchwork of pop, dance and reggae music combined with her melancholic voice.


Groove 'n Sax

A long collaboration with composer and musician Domguè from his first album Mamadok in 2006 till his recent release "Rosa" with singer Shana Mpunga in 2015. Domguè, Detroit Grand Pubahs’ Belgian sax man.


Techno Tracks

Warner, EMI, X-Traxx, Toxic,...

Backdraft - The Voltage Club - Klangwerk
During the 90th Dany mixed and produced more than 60 vinyl techno tracks with alternating colleagues for labels in Belgium, the USA, France, and the Netherlands. The tracks appeared on countless compilation CDs.


Modern Art


Agora - Irene K
The contemporary dance company "Irene K" and the "Agora Theater" are two established organisation in Belgium who asked for Dany's services several times. Going through the creation of a modern choreography or a play is really enriching.



Groove Metal

Belgian band based in the region of St.Vith.
Members: Mark Hosmar: Vocals, Sam Henkes: Guitar, Eric Löfgen: Bass, Joshua Cremer: Drums

Rap Productions

Warner Music

n°1 in French Album Charts
Contribution from Redrumusic to the rap scene with beats, mixes and productions for Dosseh, Seth Gueko, Fléo Korozeef and Bassirou. Seth Gueko's album "Bad Cowboy" charted number one in France.